Halloween / 2nd Anniversary

We had quite a few tricks and treats on ThirdStyle during Halloween and our 2nd Anniverary the day after.

We started off by releasing Szycag stepped by DefTeaMachine, which was a monumental release in many ways. First, at 9:22 in duration, it is the longest TS song by a longshot with an epic 5,000 combo if you can FC the hard chart. It also is the first song from the popular and talented Venetian Snares.

Then, we released a special Anniversary Badge, which shows up on your profile if you play a game on November 1st.

Zero and kisler conducted some interviews of prominent TS members. Go to the front page event thread for more info, or click the following links to read the interviews of JasonKey, Halogen-, and Vote4Nixon.

Finally, we had a little-mini contest "Who's Who on ThirdStyle" with a total of 50 questions related to TS members. You can try the questions for yourself and see the answers if you are stumped!

Who's Who on ThirdStyle Participants

UsernameCorrect Answers-
kisler 46
SirRhythm 41
Housekeeper 41
Bloodyy 36
Descension 33
ichliebekase 28
blitZ 20
FalcoPWNch 19
DTDsphere 4