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    Eric Shelby

    Boston, Massachusetts, United States
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    Seven and Seven stepped by DrTran
    Genres: Acoustic
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    Eric Shelby Biography

    Eric Shelby is a singer/songwriter from Boston. Last fall he completed work on his first album “Tape Deck Train Wreck.” The entire LP was recorded in a basement home studio in Middleton, Massachusetts. All the songs were written and produced by Eric, who also sang and played guitar. The album was released in January of 2010. Eric’s music is a blend of rock and pop. Simple, melodic, and hook driven. His influences include Green Day, John Mayer, The Beach Boys, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, ABBA, Blink 182, Katy Perry, Jack Johnson, Angels and Airwaves, All American Rejects, Avril Lavigne, Sublime, Max Martin, and Dr. Luke.