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    DragonForce ThirdStyle Levels (All)

    Scars of Yesterday stepped by Jonny, MrTea
    Genres: Metal
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    Length: 7:45 Play Time: 1,042 hour
    Fury of the Storm stepped by Housekeeper
    Genres: Metal
    BPM: 195 - 206 Plays: 22,279
    Length: 6:43 Play Time: 400 hours

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    DragonForce Biography

    DragonForce is somewhat of a rarity, based in London England, they play a brand of music that is almost non-existent in their location. Formed in September 1999, formerly known as DragonHeart, the band changed their name in December 2001 to DragonForce to avoid confusion with other bands, record labels and movies under the same name.

    The band is powered by the twin guitar assaults of Herman Li and Sam Totman, with singer ZP Theart, drummer Didier Almouzni, and keyboard player Vadim Pruzhanov. An ordinary line up it may seem at first, but DragonForce is uniquely backed by a diverse, multi-culture international line up (Hong Kong, England, South Africa, France, Ukraine) never seen before from a young new band.

    In short, DragonForce's sound can be best described as a mix of modern melodic power metal with the fury of speed metal, but the band's influence comes from wide across the metal spectrum. Catchy melodies that stick straight into your head, combined with outrageous speed, power and totally over the top dual guitar wizardry are just some of their qualities which separate them from the masses. Most importantly underneath this sonic fury lies the band's indisputable strength, their song writing. Take any of their songs and you will find enough hooks to fill an ocean, enough technical process to satisfy progressive metal lovers, guitar solos to have you playing air guitar combined with catchy melodies and the strong voice of an outstanding metal shouter.

    Before their first album, they were already well known in the underground, they had already toured with the likes of Halford, Stratovarius, Virgin Steele and successfully headlined their own show across England without an album out. Previously known simply by the word of mouth among metal fans, and their songs on mp3 through the internet (over half a million download of their demo tracks from alone)

    Thier debut album 'Valley of the Damned' was recorded in 3 different locations between May and October 2002. The success of that album earned the melodic rockers a worldwide audience, resulting in a string of sold-out concerts in Asia and Europe. The group's sophomore effort, Sonic Firestorm, was released in 2004, followed by Inhuman Rampage in 2006 and Ultra Beatdown in 2008.