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    Designing Me

    Rowlett, Texas, United States
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    Designing Me has the ability to stop war. Designing Me has the ability to cure the sick. Designing Me will make you cry tears of joy. Designing Me is the hot chocolate to your cold winter day. Designing Me is the band of all bands. The creme de la creme.

    Though relatively young as a band, Designing Me knows exactly what it takes to please the people's ears, blending indie pop with good ol' fashioned rock n' roll to create a sound finer than all the rest. Everything is covered and nothing is spared. They've got the catchiest melodies, most driving riffs, and the most soothing, heartfelt, jam sessions

    Designing Me started with the intentions of being a solo act. But as soon as Jose Sandoval started showing his songs to friends and fellow musicians, it quickly became a full 5 piece indie rock act.
    Tj Gonzales and Drew Black were added first making it a total of three guitars. After the addition of drummer Ryan Muller things came together fast and they recorded their first demo after only a month of writing.

    The following year brought great local success in the Dallas pop scene although the band wanted to reach a more mature, older audience. After working with the wrong people with the wrong ideas for their music, Designing Me broke off from that entire scene and went into the studio with 7 new songs for their first E.p. During this process many things happened including finally finding a permanent bass player Hayden Watkins and Drew Black leaving the band to focus on his recording career.

    2009 brought many good things for the band . First, during the winter of 2009 the bad went on tour with another local act called The Background. It was a two week tour through Texas and Oklahoma which opened up the fan base and brought the band closer than ever. Then they released their self titled ep. All that is left to be said is Expect to see a brand new CDs released, countless amounts of performances throughout the United States of America, heaps of new gear so you can support them even when they aren't playing your town, and much, much more. There has never been a band that was ready to turn as many heads as Designing Me.