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    San Diego, California , United States
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    DanPaladin ThirdStyle Levels (All)

    I Like Your Hat stepped by Onilateur
    Genres: Electronic, Polka
    BPM: 125 Plays: 7,662
    Length: 1:11 Play Time: 95 hours
    Tricky's Song stepped by Flashpantss
    Genres: Video Game
    BPM: 126 Plays: 33,021
    Length: 0:42 Play Time: 285 hours

    DanPaladin Biography

    Daniel "Dan" Paladin (also known as Synj) is an American video game designer. He collaborated with Newgrounds creator Tom Fulp and designed Flash-based games: Sack Smash 2001, Chainsaw the Children, Dad n' Me, and, most notably, Alien Hominid. In 2002 he, Fulp, John Baez and Brandon LaCava created the video game company The Behemoth. Paladin designed the critically acclaimed remake of Alien Hominid and beat'em up Castle Crashers, with his 2D style becoming signature for these games. Dan also worked for Gratuitous Games and Presto Studios.