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    Dan Johansen

    Sør-Trøndelag, Norway
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    Thy Hero Within stepped by DrTran
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    Hi, friends all around the world. I, Dan Johansen play Instrumental, progressive metal with an ancient aura. My music contains various instruments, some ethnic touches, some synth work and a lot of orchestral arrangements. I compose in a story telling way, I always deeply interpret the meanings of the concept I'm working with, whether it is self-written or inspired by old myth. I focus very hard on being true to the emotions of the project(s) I am working on and I hope that you can feel that as well when listening to my compositions. I grew up in Norway, in a family that is pretty musical, my mother has been singing all her life and I have a few uncles that play guitar and drums. So music has been around me most of my life. My true interest in music began when I heard the Kiss album Love Gun that I bought from a ''used-cd'' shop in the city of Kongsvinger in south-east Norway. I remember being pulled against two bands, one being Kiss and the other being Oasis. I loved the song Wonderwall a lot in my early youth. I fell out of this era pretty quickly though after getting more kiss CD's. When I was about 11-12, I borrowed my uncle's acoustic guitar and took guitar lessons for about 1 month learning only a few basic chords. I then lost interest and fell out of it totally when we moved to the middle of Norway. My brother, Frank, then introduced me to Metallica and Slayer and he showed me couple of licks from Fade To Black from the Ride the Lightning album of Metallica. I practiced for a long time and noticed that I learned it pretty fast and I loved the feelings of playing whole melodic lines. Then I was hooked. I never took lessons again, I learnt reading tabs from Frank then I started learning full tunes... I remember struggling with Pantera riffs and Slayers speed was too great for me to handle, but I kept on going. After years of covering tunes I started to feel a lack of spirit in playing others' music, I then started to compose for fun, nothing serious. It went from simple riffs, to making purely orchestrated tracks, to collaborating with some online guitar giants, to composing in many different styles. I am a huge fan of music in games, I LOVE game music, especially RPG music and soundtracks mainly composed in Japan. I also love movie soundtracks, Alan Silvestri is a big influence, the Highlander soundtrack by Michael Kamen and a great number of Jerry Goldsmith soundtracks are influences as well. All this great music and much more that I haven't mentioned have guided me to the point where I mix the styles of progressive metal, symphonic elements to ethnic elements and a lot more. This mix can be clearly heard in ''The Tablets Of Gilgamesh''. Being a believer in pride and being original, I never try to sound like someone else, influences are probably unavoidable to a certain degree, but I do my best to avoid what I've heard before, so hopefully you'll find my music original as it was intended to be. Aside from this debut solo album, I am also involved in composing for some very promising indie games as well as co-composing the soundtrack for a co-written game project with my brother. Which will hopefully one day be made. Anyways, thanks for reading! Dan Johansen...