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    Louisville, Kentucky, United States
    Song Plays: 39 / Fans: 8 / Views: 6552

    Cornandbeans ThirdStyle Levels (All)

    {Barbed Wire} MAC7 stepped by Vote4Nixon
    Genres: DnB
    BPM: 160 Plays: 1,177
    Length: 0:44 Play Time: 10 hours
    {Blaze} stepped by ChloMoDJz
    Genres: Electronic, Techno
    BPM: 175 Plays: 2,052
    Length: 2:59 Play Time: 56 hours
    {Midnight} stepped by eiddiM
    Genres: Electronic, Techno
    BPM: 200 Plays: 16,939
    Length: 2:49 Play Time: 463 hours
    {Stay With Me} stepped by Saphira
    Genres: Electronic, Trance, Techno
    BPM: 135 Plays: 2,416
    Length: 2:47 Play Time: 76 hours
    {Rose} stepped by Patashu, Vote4Nixon
    Genres: Electronic, Trance
    BPM: 88 - 642 Plays: 19,067
    Length: 2:32 Play Time: 567 hours

    Cornandbeans Biography

    cornandbeans is former alias of Ian Slider, a young electronic music artist from Louisville, KY (USA). He produces music under a multitude of genres, most prominently drum and bass, trance and ambient. His music has been featured in multiple releases of Flash Flash Revolution and also in the award-winning Xbox 360 game, Castle Crashers. Most of his past works can be downloaded off of the Newgrounds Audio Portal.

    Ian is now known under his new alias SPACE LACES, and you can find him on the soundcloud linked in this profile.