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    The Great Storm stepped by Vote4Nixon
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    I get inspired by the weirdest things and use my brain to turn my thoughts into music with my trusted tools.

    I'm old school to my heart.
    I never did get how Hip Hop went from A Tribe Called Quest setting such a high standard of Hip Hop to what it is today in the mainstream. I'm sure people will say to me "you just need to look harder" or something along those lines, but it's a shame that I actually have to, in order to find something that doesn't sound like (what in my opinion is) Trash.

    ChampionAnwar is The internet Pseudonym for the Electronic music artist Anwar Louis. His music was featured in the game FlashFlashRevolution, and now on ThirdStyle! Specialising in many types of types of electronic music, ChampionAnwar has a wide range of music spanning from 2006 to present.