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    Albany, New York, United States
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    Burn7 ThirdStyle Levels (All)

    Carol of 10,000 Hells stepped by ichliebekase
    Genres: Metal, Holiday
    BPM: 220 Plays: 6,953
    Length: 2:29 Play Time: 165 hours
    Pokemon GS Lance Battle stepped by Halogen-
    Genres: Metal, Video Game
    BPM: 100 - 200 Plays: 23,797
    Length: 3:03 Play Time: 746 hours

    Burn7 Biography

    John Good, aka Burn7, has lived a very strange and eventful life. Born in Albany, New York, his parents moved him to Magna, Utah at the age of 4. At age 10, his father decided it was time to start a new career… in Dover, Florida. 2 years later they moved to Mesquite, Texas, which John described as “The greatest place freaking ever. I had great friends, I knew where everything was, and life was great.” At the age of 16, John moved back to Utah to a little town called Sandy. This is where he lives now at 18 with his family. He wants to murder all of them.

    Burn7 started playing around with music at 13 when he would mix together sound effects using Microsoft Sound Recorder. A short time later, he got Sound Forge Acid Pro 2.0 and began to make songs with pre-made loops. Even later on, he got Sony Acid Pro 6.0 and really began to work things.

    Burn7 started off as Arkaim, which later turned into Anikari, then Anikari13. After getting tired of being asked “What does -insert name- mean?!”, he changed it to Burn7 Toast. Eventually he just dropped the Toast out of laziness and is now simply Burn7.