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    Blitz Lunar

    Bristol, United Kingdom
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    12 Bar Bloops stepped by Halogen-
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    Born in 1986, Bristol, England.
    Like many people my age, I was lucky enough to have a gaming-rich childhood. I've always been acutely sensitive to their soundtracks; I'd often locate sound tests just so I could enjoy the songs by themselves. However, I had no musical training or experience whatsoever until age 12, so you could say I didn't have a musical upbringing. I started developing my passion when my family got a computer in 1998, and a friend gave me a CDRW with RPG Maker 95 and lots of Final Fantasy 7 and Chrono Trigger MIDI sequences. Intrigued, I started collecting more sequences online from other games, films, etc. I got a cheap sequencer (MAGIX music studio g5; a Logic clone) and casio MIDI keyboard later in 2000, and I was visiting the video game music archive and downloading more midi transcriptions any time I could access the internet! I began more actively poking around in the sequencer, opening and playing around with midis to see how they worked, and intuitively feeling my way around the keyboard (particularly using its autochord modes, which helped me to learn the basics about how harmony and progressions moved and functioned.)
    From there I taught myself how to write music, little by little. I began studying music at school later that year, which gave me a context and grounding to what I was doing, and exposed me to a lot of musical terms and concepts; mainly the basics. I took it further in college 2 years later, branching out to study both traditional music as well as music technology separately, and also took keyboard lessons over that 4 year period. Finally I studied and graduated in BAhons Creative Music Technology at Bath Spa University. Today, I'm still hugely passionate about video games and their soundtracks, now both as a composer and a consumer.