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    Buffalo, New York, United States
    Song Plays: 5 / Fans: 6 / Views: 1941

    Armcannon ThirdStyle Levels (All)

    Morty Miphon (Power Rangers) stepped by Zero
    Genres: Rock, Metal, Video Game
    BPM: 116 - 124 Plays: 12,237
    Length: 1:55 Play Time: 257 hours

    Armcannon Biography

    is made up of five guys from Buffalo, New York:

    Mike Willard - guitar, vocals
    Dan Behrens - guitar
    Chris Dlugosz - keyboard
    Larry Steele - drums
    Ian Machniak - bass

    They are "a team of 5 teenagers...with attituuuuuuuude that has Been rocking in the free world since 2005." Their influnces include Metroid Metal, Weaponex and Canto V.

    They claim to bring your inner child to the outer surface using elements of progressive metal to recreate the songs of our video game youth. Their mission is to force feed the fanatics with fanfares they favor. The message gets across as soon as you sit down and listen to an album of theirs. You are hit with nostalgia, track after track after track. Armcannon has been making music and touring since 2005.