Annoying Ringtone

I am Tom, born 20th February 1988, based in Aberdeen (Scotland) and producing fucked up shit since 2007. First got into creating dancecore (extremely fast and heavy remixes) and mashcore (mash-ups mixed with hardcore, breakcore etc.) music in 2008 as a way of saying "f*** you" to the major labels and other corporations that over-commercialize music for the sake of profits. In my opinion, music is supposed to be an art form, and should be about individual expression and artistic freedom, not the making of a product designed to make a large company a lot of money. That said, as much as I despised the sentiment behind 99% of the music industry I could not help myself finding some of the ideas in their over-commercial products entertaining. For that reason I started taking those ideas, riffs, melodies and often complete songs and reinterpreted them as my own; most of the time in the fastest, hardest and funniest way possible. More recently I've started mashing and remixing absolutely anything that takes my fancy. NO SONG IS SAFE!