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    When you mix all your influences and you want something weird you have nothing to do but let if flow and let it be, let the ideas come from the deepest place of your mind and make them real into songs.

    A FEW MEMORIES was formed in Orange County CA in early 2008 by Alex (vocals) and Legna (guitars, backing vocals) based on new musical concepts, that seek a new fresh and futurist sound inside of a context with melodic vocals, loops, different rhythms and powerful riffs, delimit a solid architecture with the intensity of nu metal, the rock songs freeing and persuasive phrases and the melodies versatility. In late 2008 Legna decided to come back to his country of origin (Paraguay) and continue with the project since Alex didn't have problem with him keeping the band's name. Legna (vocals) invite Sophia Orrego (keys and samples) Paulo Santos (guitars) Jorge Rivarola (bass) and Fernando Sarria (drums) to join the band and record something new to play around the country. For personal reasons in 2010 Sarria and Jorge left the band, then Magno Lopez (bass) and Juan Viveros (drums) replaced them.

    With this new line up A Few Memories has finished their first album titled "Sometimes Sun Shines" and it is out!!