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    Ampthill, England, United Kingdom
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    ADSRe ThirdStyle Levels (All)

    Man-He stepped by Jonny
    Genres: IDM, Breakcore, Rave
    BPM: 140 Plays: 5,523
    Length: 1:56 Play Time: 121 hours

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    Mark Joseph started creating music at the age of 5-6 when he started experimenting with two tape recorders using both as a 2 track recorder – what we call today ‘bouncing tracks!’. He then learnt how to play the keyboard by ear at the age of 7 owning more than over 12 home keyboards and then later on 4 synths which were then quickly replaced with vsti’s. With the PSS-480 being his first ever introduction to FM synthesis programing. He first started writing computer-music on a spectrum using Music Machine and then from that day has created a long history of computer music using OCTAMED V3 (Best ever music tracker/program on earth!!!!) on the amazing Commodore Amiga and then finally to this day the PC using Cubase SX, Logic, Protools, Fruity Loops, Renoise, Emulation and Tracktor with FS2.
    Mark’s’s music personality and style is simply to hard to describe… I let my music explain instead…
    Overall Mark’s is a all style sound producer who adds a unique twist to his music to make him distinguished from others…He is not worried about expressing his music with melody. His only influences are: The Amiga (games and demoscene including the amazing Chris Hülsbeck!!) and last but not least the UK Hardcore scene! ( DJ Brisk rules!!!!).