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ThirdStyle News

I Like Your Hat

By: Vote4Nixon - Monday, March 17th, 2014

Get ready with some keyboard smashin' with our new song and new simfiler.

It's been a quite while since we have seen a Danpaladin song in game. So here we are with our new song I Like Your Hat by DanPaladin (a.k.a. synj).This song has some jacks in the hard file at 125 BPM (but I think you can do it). Speaking of DanPaladin, he is an American video game artist and designer who also makes music. DanPaladin also draws, you can see some of his drawings here. This file was stepped by our new simfiler and most active chatter on Thirdstyle, Onilateur.

Here are some words from the simfiler:

I'm a layering freak, so I did just that for that file, with different degrees of layering depending on the difficulty and how natural it felt. No instrument was stressed in the making of this file. As such the hard file is full of jacks, the medium is really fluid and the easy has silences. I won't take responsibility for the beginner.

Be sure to like Onilateur's Hat and Play I Like Your hat now!

Check out DanPaladin on Newgrounds and on his official site.

V4N Edit: Also, be sure to congratulate ChloMoDJz on achieving the status of Publisher for all his efforts to keep the front page up to date! Great job DJz!

Punching, Fighting, and More Chickens!

By: Vote4Nixon - Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Yet another post from ChloMoDJz! Thanks once again for keeping the front page of TS active!

This is my third Front Page Post, and I will make more posts to keep you guys updated on Thirdstyle.

As of now, we have a new song from an extreme 8bit, dance, and metal artist Rainbowdragoneyes called Punch You. ChloMoDJz stepped this file and describes it as a "short but terrible file" because of its streamy patterns at 201 BPM, so it will sure punch you.

Play Punch You now on Thirdstyle!

After those streams, chill and play this easy file by our comeback simfiler YoSniper, who also stepped the last Roland La Goy song. The song is Fight or Ignite, and it comes with friendly steps. Buy it now in the Thirdstyle Store for 200 Stylepoints.

Play this now and know if you will Fight or Ignite!

And last we have our 8Bit, video game song, Golden Poultry City by Mowtendoo. He is a Youtube artist who makes a lot of videos about Terry Crews. This song was stepped by our new simfiler and new Official Overlord Dell2150.

Here are some words from Dell2150 about his own simfile: "If you look through beginner, easy, medium, and hard you can see the file is built of blocks. The melody has one line (that follows PR the best I could) and so does the bassline. Harder difficulties combine the two, and add shorter holds for cymbal sounds and add in 16ths for the middle section etc."

Watch his funny videos here!

Play this now and other tracks from Mowtendoo

Run Free and Kill the Chicken!

By: Vote4Nixon - Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

The following is yet another guest post by ChloMoDJz. Hats off to him for helping keep the front page up-to-date!

After being away for a while, we are here to give you some dubstep and techno songs by our 2 simfilers.

Since the last Modigs song on ThirdStyle, this producer from Sweden is back with his song Run Free. This file has a quite long streamy patterns with 32nd rolls on hard but don't get tired because some stops are waiting for you after this streamy patterns. Me, ChloMoDJz stepped this one. Buy this now on the cool Store for 50 Stylepoints.

SoundCloud and Newgrounds
Play Run Free now on Thirdstyle!

Next we have Etude Pour Deux, another dubstep song from our new artist on ThirdStyle, a 17 year old producer from Los Angeles, Vexare. This song was stepped by our simfiler omgfail.

Vexare songs are here: SoundCloud or Youtube.
Play Etude Pour Deux now!

But lastly, I found a chicken, a chicken that makes cool sound? Oh mang that was insane. It is the song ChiCkEn TeCHno, with a chicken beat. This 1 minute song was requested by RubberChickin and me ChloMoDJz stepped it (I hope you’re happy now Chickone). This song is composed by a Newgrounds artist RagingBananas.

RagingBananas on Newgrounds
Play ChiCkEn TeCHno and feel the chicken beat!

Twirl the Video With a Bit of Chaoz

By: Vote4Nixon - Monday, March 3rd, 2014

The following is a guest post by one of our prolific simfilers Vote4DJz, who now is referred to as ChloMoDJz.

After a long long time since the last update, we are here again to bring you some moar files from different artists and simfilers.

Break your fingers with this breakcore song Twirl by a Canadian electronic musician Venetian Snares that will challenge you because of its tricky gimmicks and some speedups that DefTeaMachine did. You are really good at making those gimmicks DTM.

The second song is another file by DefTeaMachine that is called Video Out E. This songs has a few slowdowns so be sure to watch your fingers not to be much faster and listen carefully to this piano, breakbeat song by Vospi. You can buy this song in the store for 150 StylePoints, it's worth it!

Oh mang, DefTeaMachine owns this post, because he has another file stepped with gimmicks (DTM likes to step gimmicks). Another Chaoz song by ParagonX9, Chaoz Twilight. This streamy song at 172 bpm will sure make your fingers tired.

As you may know, we have a new forum transition worked by our badministrator isk. But sure to re-login your account to see this new forum transition. Write your comments, reactions here about this new forum.

Happy arrowmashing to all of you guys.

Forum Transition!

By: isk - Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

We are in the process of transferring to new forum software and you will need to re-login into your account if you previously had "remember me" checked! Please let us know if any part of the site does not work as it should. Thanks and happy rhythm gaming!

Merry Xmas ThirdStyle!

By: Vote4Nixon - Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Although we don't have a major event planned, we are nonetheless gonna spread some Christmas cheer by releasing a couple of songs for everyone to enjoy this week!

How do you guys plan on spending your Christmas holidays?

BREAKING NEWS: Your Boy is Back at it Again!

By: Vote4Nixon - Thursday, October 24th, 2013

You heard it. You know who it is. We're gonna take a break from our normally scheduled programming to re-introduce a man who doesn't need any introductions. The infamous, #bodybagcity, #PJ and I ain't talkin about pajamas. Guys...if you don't already know who it is, you don't deserve to know. It's of course the lyrical genius himself, rep-it or more commonly known in the rap world by his pseudonym The Phat James.

Now, you must be thinking, why on earth are we talking about "the most irrelevant" rapper of the 21st century, who hasn't done anything other than talk smack after releasing ThirdStyle Ultimate Diss. But how can you forget that rep-it also crafted the Tesselfoot Diss, which beaned Tass's beanbag with more blows than he had sperm, turning the poor man into a mangina. If you were lucky enough to grab a Sacrifice Tass item from the store, you could listen to it on the original elite's profile. #riptasscareer #koofnastyowns

Also, after the great triumph of his diss treks, rep-it has been priming his rap skills by touring with artists such as Lupe Fiasco and Lil'Wayne, so he's been quite busy. But for those who greatly miss his presence and his talent, he's got a message for you. In fact, he's got a message for ALL of ThirdStyle!

Check out rep-it's backstage and tune in to "a little explanation and ramble" to see what's coming soon to a theater near you!

SIDE NOTE: You may have to turn your volume all the way up to listen to it because ghetto rappers like rep-it only record rhymes in .wav format and can't afford free wav to mp3 converters. Not to mention that he was making this late at night and had to keep it down so he didn't wake up his mom.

Server Maintenance

By: Vote4Nixon - Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Hey all,

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we were doing some server maintenance yesterday. The site should be up and running now.

If you notice any hiccups, let the BADMIN team know! Happy Arrowmashing :D


ThirdStyle Has Gone to Hell?? Quick, Bring Some Speedcore!

By: Vote4Nixon - Monday, August 26th, 2013

I know it's been a while since the latest song release and an even longer while since a front page post, so I thought I'd do the honors and give our home page a little lexical magic with an expertly constructed post.

First up, we have the collab between our resident Speedcore fanatic Jonny and our most active stepper DefTeaMachine: Seventh Gate to Hell, a dark and creepy breakcore song by Baconhanger. Kinda reminds me of Alice Underwater, also stepped by Jonny (no surprise there!). You can thank him for breaking your fingers with the hard chart, and DefTeaMachine for giving you a respite from the 240 BPM pain with the easier difficulties.

Play Seventh Gate to Hell and be sure to leave some love on Baconhanger's Backstage Profile!

Now, if you thought 240 BPM was good, wait till you try 250 BPM! Oh boy, this post is going nowhere fast, but not as fast as Egao No Mirai E by m1dlet. The original song by Yui Horie is an inspirational J-Rock piece featured in the anime series Love Hina, with lyrics about perseverance and living life to your heart's desire despite the obstacles of reality. Jonny took this message to heart as he crafted the hard chart for m1dlet's Speedcore rendition of the song, requiring players to persevere through fast streams and several bursts. If your heart can't handle that, check out the easier difficulties by Vote4DJz!

Play Egao No Mirai E and other m1dlet files!

I know game and site updates have been slow lately, but rest assured the BADMIN team is still alive and kicking things around. Expect to see some updates, and maybe even another fun event!